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Is it possible to filter Taxonomy terms with ACF PRO?

  • Hi all,

    I know it is NOT possible to filter taxonomy terms (intended as ‘object of filtering’). Being more specific, I can search between taxonomy terms (having them as results of the search, I use Ajax Search PRO) but I cannot filter them (because filters are intended to be used only for CPT)

    Someone told me that with ACF Pro is actually possible to filter also taxonomy terms, because it makes taxonomy terms ‘filterable’.
    Is that true?

    Thanks in advance,

  • It is possible to filter terms by meta values, however, this will not make a plugin that does not support taxonomies. To do this with ACF would mean building your own custom search, or finding a plugin that will allow searching taxonomy terms.

  • Thanks John for your kind reply!
    But actually I am still a bit confused, even after your answer.

    ..finding a plugin that will allow searching taxonomy terms
    I am using Ajax Search Pro, so I already have a plugin that performs the search and the filter. It can search in taxonomy terms but cannot filter them.

    So my question is: does ACF Pro make Taxonomy terms ‘filterable’ (by other plugins like Ajax Search Pro)?

    To be more clear, if I use ACF Pro in addiction to Ajax Search Pro, will I be able to filter the taxonomy terms during a search with Ajax Search Pro?

    Thanks in advance,

  • If it let’s you search terms, ACF stores values in the term meta table. I do not know of a plugin that that will search term meta values, so I can’t answer that question. In my experience I have never needed to search terms, terms are something that I generally filter posts by and not something I normally search for.

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