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Integrate ACF text field type with WP Google Maps or Google Maps field type?

  • Hi,

    So I’m aware that ACF does have the functionality to add a Google Map by using the “Google Map” field type. However, what I want it to do is something more advanced. Instead of just using the lat/long or address to display one point on the map, I want it to work with the custom post types I already have set up.

    For example, I have a custom post type called “Tournaments” that my clients ( WordPress admin) can input the addresses and times of upcoming tournaments. I have created the fields for this custom post type with ACF. I want these the locations of these tournaments to be populated on a single, large full-width Google map and the fields with the tournament name, time, location, etc listed when the tournament posts are published.

    I’m planning use a custom Google map with the WP Google Maps plugin. Of course the admin can do it separately (as in enter the location first in the ACFs and then copy and paste it in WP Google maps), but that is twice the work. I wanted to know if there is a streamlined,”one-and-done” approach in terms of using both together.

    The link below shows the OLD site. We are redesigning the site (currently under local development), however it does show the concept I am going after with how the tournaments are listed. Keep in mind that the map on the page doesn’t actually function. My client wanted it to be integrated with the tournament list.

    Any ideas?


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