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Instructions field not escaping < and >, breaking the fields

  • It looks like the instructions field is not being escaped for < and > characters and is rendering anything between them as HTML. Most tags are automatically closed by the browser, but <iframe> specifically breaks it because it busts out the whole HTML #document.

    The tags render as HTML in all fields I tested including children in a repeater.

    Inspector showing the iframe tag being rendered in the instructions

    My specific use case was giving instructions on how to paste an iframe into the field.

  • If you want to include HTML in your instructions for a field you need to use < and > when writing your instructions.

  • Actually I was just instructing the user to do something with an <iframe> code block, so trying to write “<iframe>” – can you escape the < >?

  • Sorry, hard to put in this site as well. Remove the sapces from this

    The last I know you could use & lt; and & gt; in the message field to show html.

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