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Infinite repeating rows

  • Hello,

    I am developing a website where i use a flexible content row in the footer to render some things.
    I found out that, on the 404 page these items in the footer are ‘repeating’ infinitely. While on other pages it just renders correctly (1 time). I have tried adding <?php wp_reset_query(); ?> on the end of every <?php endwhile; ?>, also tried them individually, but this doesn’t seem to ‘fix’ the infinite repeater.

    My question now is, what can i do to let it stop repeating infinitely on the 404 page?
    check this page for a correct representation of the footer rows and check this page for a incorrect representation of the footer rows.

    PS. the flexible content row has a flexible content row inside of it. Could this cause the problem?

  • Anyone??

    + i found out that at the first row (in the first flexible content row) is where the ‘error’ is caused.

    The most odd thing i think is, this only happens on the 404 page..

  • got it fixed.

    removed all the acf logic and did it in an other way.
    thanks for the support boys

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