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Incompatible with Types CPT plugin – select2 clash.

  • I am using the latest version of ACF (5.4.6) and the latest version of Toolset Types (2.2.2). WordPress 4.6.1.

    Both plugins use the select2 library to handle custom drop down.
    ACF – Select2 3.5.2
    Types – Select2 4.0.3

    When using an ACF field such as the Post Object field, the result in the admin area is:

    The field is unusable, when you click on it the select2 field is position to the bottom left of the admin screen behind the left navigation sidebar.

    To get around the issue at present I have commented out Types’ select2 stylesheet in types\library\toolset\types\embedded\functions.php

         * select2
        $select2_version = '4.0.3';
        if (!wp_script_is('toolset_select2', 'registered')) {
            wp_register_script('toolset_select2', WPCF_EMBEDDED_TOOLSET_RELPATH . '/toolset-common/res/lib/select2/select2.js', ['jquery'], $select2_version);
        if (!wp_style_is('select2', 'registered')) {
    //        wp_register_style(
    //            'select2',
    //            WPCF_EMBEDDED_TOOLSET_RELPATH. '/toolset-common/res/lib/select2/select2.css',
    //            array(),
    //            $select2_version
    //        );
        if (!wp_style_is('select2')) {
    //        wp_enqueue_style('select2');
  • You might want to open a new support ticket

    I know that the developer has been looking at updating the version of select2 used by ACF, but that there have been some problems with it that I don’t know the details of.

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