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Including acf : PHP is ok but not CSS and JS ?!

  • Hi guys,

    I’m building my first plug-in based on ACF, I’m very exited and did my best to do the research before asking, but I may have missed something obvious !

    Basically I want to include acf within a custom plug-in.

    First of all : I created some custom groups/field, and exported them in php.

    Then I have folllowed this guide, changing the path accordingly to my needs.

    Now, what happens is that the php acf file are loaded, as my field are displayed on front-end (using an acf shortcode to test), and in the post editor, however, in the later, the ui of acf is brocken.

    I have checked in my broswer > developper-tool > network, and the acf .css and .js file are not found (err 404), or redirected somewhere (301)

    How could it be so ?

    I did some research and have found that someone has a suggested a way to include acf, but this is older thant the acf own guide.

    I’m a but puzzled and would greatly appreciate any advise !


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