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Include another group in layout of flexible fields

  • In our team the usual scenario is having all content components in one default flexible fields group (already packed in starter kit and updated on “per project” basis). This is used for styleguide and as reference to know which components we have at disposal.

    Then, when building the actual template/layout etc, we create new ACF group with flexible fields which will be called on that specific template and copy needed layouts from our default flexible fields group. The benefit of this is using the same template parts whenever possible and loading on edit screen only those layouts which are actually needed.

    This copying can really mess up some things in complex layouts (like conditional logic) and is sometimes tricky to drag fields around layouts.

    If there would be option to include in flexible fields layout not only fields but other ACF groups as well, it would be super awesome.

    To have the same popup with select (for copying/moving field to another group) as an option to add into flexible fields layout would solve so much problems for us.

    Thank you. Keep up with awesome work 😀

  • Have you tried the clone field?

    I’m assuming that since you’re using flexible content fields that you’re using ACF5 Pro.

  • Oh. My. God.

    Thank you so much. I had no idea it existed.

    Yes, we are using ACF5 PRO and loving every second of it 😀

    Thanks again.

  • clone fields are very new, added in 5.4. They might still be a bit buggy in places, but the developer is working on them.

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