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Importing products with custom fields

  • I am using this plugin to create some custom fields for a woocommerce site. I’ve set up the fields and a dummy product. I’ve used the slugs to display the field info on the product page. So far, so good.
    But now I need to export the product fields to create a template spreadsheet. Then I can set up the spreadsheet of the products correctly to import them. The problem is that the custom fields data doesn’t appear correctly on exporting. The field header is correct. But the field data (which should be text) says “field_60d1afa70c5c1”. Can anyone help please? Its really important as I have thousands of products with custom fields to import asap. I’ve tried importing some dummy products with the correct custom field but the data isn’t imported either.

  • Fields with content like “field_60d1afa70c5c1” are that acf field key reference fields, these should have meta_key names that start with an underscore. These are not your fields but they are important to the operation of ACF.

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