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Import of File Uploads in Repeater Fields

  • Hi There.

    I’m new to ACF.
    I’ve setup a repeater field with a file upload field within it.
    This is so that the end user can upload multiple files by adding another row.

    Manually this works fine.

    The problem I have is that I would like to import 300 custom posts and these would need the file to be uploaded into them.

    I have been doing this via Gravity Forms Importer… (only because I’m familiar with it)

    Unfortunately I can’t seem to get it to upload the file into the row.

    If I check the Post Meta the URL for the file is shown but the actual file doesn’t show in the wordpress backend at all…

    Can anyone tell me how to successfully import file uploads within repeater fields?

    I’m happy to change the way I’m importing if there is a better way?

    Thanks very much

  • This plugin has an addon for ACF add on There may be other solutions, but most of the available ones are all in premium plugins or premium add ons.

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