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Images not being saved to the database

  • Hello,
    I am having an issue in which some of the images I (and the users in the website) upload via acf form (when I upload images directly to the media library I have no issue) are not being saved to the database at all, This happens primarily with large images, 1mb +.
    I receive a success message after the page reloads but the image wont appear in the media library nor in the custom post who just got updated.
    I took a 9Mb picture which I couldn’t upload using the form, shrink it to 170kb and it was uploaded.
    Maybe it is a timeout issue? and if it is – why am I getting success message?

    Any idea how to solve this? any lead will be nice.
    Thank you very much.

  • My guess is that the uploaded files are exceeding the allowed file upload size for your site/server. Unfortunately, there isn’t an error reported for this in ACF when the WP media upload is not available. Image uploads that have errors due to this are just skipped.

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