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Image Gallery for multiple sets

  • hello,

    I have requirement to set up an image gallery field and choosing between the Gallery field (surprisingly enough) or the Repeater field.

    The field will display a multitude of different image sets at separate times according to which WordPress Page the user is on i.e. using the is_page conditional.

    First question is to choose the Gallery or the Repeater. The needs are simple enough; main upper preview image and thumbnails below (see graphic). No slider action required. Some sets will have 20 or more thumbnails. A text caption below which is fixed i.e. when thumb 1 is clicked it will say “Version: Primary Artwork”, and when thumb 2 is clicked ‘Version: Variation 1’, thumb 3 ‘Version: Variation 2’ etc. This will never change from set to set.

    I’m not off to a good start because I can’t even get the template code to show up an acf Gallery field on a Page as detailed under the below link

    At this point I’m not able to comprehend whether in the template code I have one acf Gallery or Repeater field block and display or change the images individually for each image set based on is_page, or do I in fact have to create a brand new separate Gallery or Repeater field each time. It seems one Gallery or Repeater field and then cycle the images for each set based on is_page is better as it’s less physical code and I can drill to each image/image set, matching it to the Page it must appear on.


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