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Image field broken after update to 5.1.2

  • We recently updated to 5.1.2 and now we can’t add images through the edit box. Everything acts normally, but once you “Select image” and return to page, nothing happens.

    HOWEVER, we also have this odd situation where the image fields are repeating inside the attachment selection tool itself:
    Original image field
    Image edit box
    Image field after selecting image (notice the field repeating in the attachment meta)

    After hitting select, nothing happens. No ajax response, no errors, nothing in the error_log. But it looks like it *is* storing that info from the edit box in the wrong place, since it’s recalling the correct image in the attachment meta from the screen before.

  • Images will also not attach through the wysiwyg editor in a field. Text changes will save as normal.

    Note: This issue went away when we reverted to 5.1.0

  • I’m having the exact same issue. I already downgraded to 5.1.

    Any plans to fix this issue on upcoming releases?

  • Same with me. However, SOMETIMES it does work, but I can’t reproduce…

  • Same issue here, I’m running ACF 5.1.3 + WP 4.0. I’ve tested with all other plugins turned off.

  • Hi guys

    Can you please list the location rules for the field group which is appearing in the wrong place?


  • Hi Elliot,

    Not sure if this is still completely related, but even after the latest update the img field still remains broken.

    Even if I create a new img field to test with. See screenshots below for the settings:



    Console is empty (no js errors). Is there a way to enable some debugging info?

  • Same issue here. I just updated to WordPress 4.1. Could be this related?

    If i use a REPEATER with IMG as fields it works. But for single images it’s not working.

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