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i need to use shortcode to show each post ID

  • I’ve seen this shortcode
    [acf field="field_name" post_id="123"]
    to show the field from post id but how can I show the field from every single post ID in the same post type.

    [acf field="field_name"]

    will show the field from the current post, you only need to add the post ID when showing a value from a different post.

  • Hi John, I need to apply this shortcode to show the archive single post of “Videos Post type” so I use this shortcode [acf field="video_url" post_id="2791"] but the problem is it will show only video from post id 2791 instead of other video’s post. So I just need to know how to use this kind of this shortcode [acf field="video_url" post_type="Videos"]. Is it possible to do this with the ACF shortcode?

  • There isn’t any way to do anything dynamic with the ACF shortcode. The ACF shortcode is very simple. If you want to show a list of posts that requires a loop (have_posts), while in this loop ACF would show the current post values.

    I don’t really know what you’re doing or how your building your archive page, so I can’t really suggest anything, I might not be able to suggest anything anyway. Any suggestion I give would require custom coding.

  • Could you please give me an example of custom code in function.php file or any resoures?

  • It is still not clear to me what you are trying to do or how you are trying to do it. You’re going to need to provide enough detail so that I can figure that out.

  • Well, I tried to create a dynamic pop-up by using Elementor Pop-up to show the videos from its post(Screenshot). But for now, the shortcode that I write shows only one from post ID A. I find a way to make it show as a dynamic( when I click on other thumbnails it will show the video from its post). you can see the result at this link on the video thumbnail. Sorry for the confusing I’m a noob at developer.

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