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How would you organize this on the back end?

  • (Made a post last night, didn’t see it in the forum, doesn’t show under account, said it was a dupe when I tried to re-post, so sorry if this is sitting somewhere under review, or where I can’t see)

    I’m currently a bit puzzled on how to properly organize some data on the back end, and would love some feedback. I’m building the site locally using vagrant, so I’ll only have screen shots for examples.


    I’m using ACF to allow full control over what gets featured on my front page. On my back-end, I have 2 tabs, main feature, and sub feature – sub feature is where things get messy. Sub features are a repeater field, and can be the following:

    -Post Object (directly link to an existing post, or “game” custom post type, and pull properties directly from that post object).

    -Video (an external video. I’m using oEmbed to display a featured YouTube video here)

    -Custom (Something other than the above, like a custom ad to someone’s content. This requires an Image, URL, and potentially a Title and Summary)


    The issue, is that with all these potential options on the repeater field under the Sub Features tab, things get messy. I may link directly to content, I may skip that field, all custom fields, and link a video, I may add an image, or an image with title and summary. This leaves me with 5 fields across, and depending on what I want, anywhere between 2-4, of the 6, are actually needed. The images provided don’t have all the fields as described, but hopefully you get the point.

    Can anyone think of a cleaner way to display this information? What I have works, and the site is just for my using, but I’m sure there’s a better way of doing this. I was playing with the idea of of 3 tabs within the sub feature tab, such as Post Object, Video, Custom, but wasn’t sure about that. I was also eye-balling the flexible content and link fields, but haven’t used either. Any info on how to best display this information would be much appreciated! It all works on the front end, just need it to be a bit neater~

  • I would start by displaying the repeater using the “Row” or “Block” option. Then I would probably add a radio button to select the type of content you want to add and make all the other fields conditional based on what is selected in this radio.

  • Just tested this while at work, and it was exactly what I was looking for! Elegant, clean, and without compromise. I had seen the “conditional logic” button, but never checked into it. If I did, it definitely didn’t use to be as powerful as it is now. Thanks for the quick answer, this already powerful tool just got that much better for me.

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