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How to use ACF with LearnPress plugin

  • hi,
    I want to add via ACF for example File to LearnPress Single Lesson. I dont want to use editor, it should be by ACF. In WP admin panel everything is correct setup.

    I also create a folder in my theme THEME/learnpress/content-lesson and in it file named content.php

    In there I create php function to display ACF but doesnt work:

    <?php global $post; if(get_field('file', $post->ID)) : $file = get_field('file', $post->ID); ?>
    	<div class="acf-lesson">
    		<a href="' . $file . '">Test</a>
    <?php endif; ?>
  • I found this

    Are you trying to override a template or add content on one of the hooks?

    If you are overriding a template then make sure you have it in the right place. If you are trying to use one of the hooks in a template then you’ll need to add an action in your function.php file.

  • Yeah i tried, it works but i can’t figure out how to implement ACF there. I tried with get_field() get_post_field() get_post_meta()

  • The only thing that I can think of is that the global $post is not pointing to the post where you’ve added the fields. Sorry, I don’t know anything about LearnPress. You will need to ask them how to determine the correct post ID value to use for ACF in that template.

  • The learnpress lesson page is based on Single page of archive. when i use global $post;
    print_r($post->ID); it’s showing the correct ID of lesson

  • If the global $post is showing the correct post ID then I don’t have an answer based on the information I have and I don’t know what to ask.

  • I figure out that $post is returning course id not lesson id. Is it possible to get to lesson not using $post?

  • You will need to talk to someone about the other plugin and how to get the ID you need inside of the template you are overriding.

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