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How to submit acf_form data to user profile AND CPT?

  • I am using acf_form() to display a field group on the front end for users to submit from.

    They are submitting the data to a Custom Post Type called Listings. Where there is a mix of their contact information and their listing information.

    The problem I have is that the first time they submit this form their contact information (First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone Number, City and State) needs to be saved to their User Profile AND to the CPT. But I don’t see any mechanism in acf_form() to support this.

    Ultimately, I’m using jQuery to auto populate the contact information based on what is in their profile. But if they haven’t filled that information out then there’s nothing there to grab.

  • I discovered that if you add an ACF Field that matches the existing WordPress User Profile Fields ID / Name then it will auto populate on the front end with the proper value.


    @moderator I do think this should be state in the documentation for ACF form. I only discovered this by accident.

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