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How to show product tags on a Woo product?

  • Hi, I’m a total noobie so please bear with me. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how this works. My general problem is how the code implementation works. I can’t find any documentation on how that part actually works. It seems as if it’s expected that we already know how that part…

    Anyways. To my case:
    I want to sell magazines with WooCommerce and the Avada theme. Each magazine will be posted as a product and show the info “Articles: Tag 1, Tag 2” etc. I want to use ACF to pull the product tag names. I’ve tried setting this up with Field Group and Taxonomy in ACF, and “ACF text”-block in the template pulling the name from the field name. But when I do this the page becomes blank. Do I need to put some PHP codes in the functions file? (or anywhere else?)

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