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How to make the "Field Label" also displayed on the product page?

  • Hello! I’m from Russia. I am writing to you through Sorry if something is not clear.

    I have configured the display of fields in the admin panel by conditional logic. That is, I created the first field (select type), filled it with types of goods and tied all other fields with conditional logic from the contents of this field. It turns out that when the manager wants to fill in the characteristics of the product, he will first select the type, and depending on this, he will be shown the appropriate fields to fill out.

    But there is a problem. On the product page (WooCommerce) the selected type or type of product is not indicated.

    For example. We have the type of goods. This product has several types: Commercial, budget, for the home.
    The manager in the admin panel of the product chose the item “View” and wrote in the field the value “Commercial”.

    As a result, on the product page in the description there is a value that the manager added in the “View” field. This value is “Commercial”.
    The word “Commercial” is impersonal.

    How can I make the word “View” automatically added to the word “Commercial” on the product page, in the description of the product?

    In the admin panel of the product editing there is a “field label”. It is necessary that the “Field Label” is displayed on the product page.

    I hope I wrote fine and detailed, so that you understand me. And I hope that you understand and help me. Waiting for your help 🙂

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