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How to limit flexible layouts to use only once?

  • I would like to limit flexible layout to use each field from it only once. For example, I have flexible layout called “options”. Inside of it I have “dimensions”, “colors”, “margins” layouts. I would like to prevent possibility to choose for eg. “dimensions” twice. Is this possible?


  • No, not possible. If all the layouts need to use the same “Options” then you need to remove these options from each layout and put them in the group outside of the layouts.

  • And I did it like that. The point is that I use flexible field as options chooser. It looks like that:

    I have repeater field. Inside of repeater I have: flexible-field “page-builder” and flexible-field “options”. Inside “Options” I have some layouts, for eg. “dimensions” or “colors”. Those options will work only for one repeater row, so I want to prevent possibility to choose “colors” more than once.

    I use flexible-field because I don’t want to load unnecessary fields when they are not needed.

  • Ok, I found solution. I did it with this plugin:


  • I have the same need, and have ACF Extended installed … but haven’t found a combination of settings to limit the flexible layout to just once.

    , please can you share the settings that worked for you

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