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How to import acf fields data from server to local?

  • I have cloned my server WordPress site to the local server and also imported all content of the site into local but when I check for custom fields, it has imported only fields, not its data.

    I have tried by importing wp_options and wp_postmeta table from server to local. but then I cant see field value.

    I am using many custom fields on my site. but if cloning my site I cant see its value. what is the reason behind this? and how I can import the values/data of custom fields from one WordPress site to another?

    Please help me to resolve this ASAP.

  • Standard import/export will not work when data is based on any type of ID value (post ID including images, term ID, user ID, etc).

    When moving a site I generally duplicate the entire database. I use phpMyAdmin to export the DB from the site and then import it into the new DB. Then I use a tool found here to make any DB changes that are needed (alter domain name if needed).

    This can also be accomplished with some site backup and restore plugins.

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