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How to get "Term Object" in Taxonomy Fields?

  • Hi

    I’m having trouble getting a taxonomy term to display.
    I use the Salient Theme with portfolio post type.
    The taxonomy is generated by the portfolio post type.

    I use this:

    Return Value > Term ID can be displayed.
    Return Value > Term Object can not be displayed (breaks my site).

    I found this:

    By default ACF stores Taxonomy field values as a serialized array of taxonomy term IDs in the database. ACF allows you to specify a return type (e.g. Term Object) in the settings, but because only the term IDs are stored in the database, only those IDs will be indexed by default.

    So, I need to tell my theme to instead index what ACF works with, right?

    I found a similar topic here.

    Unfortunately PHP is not my forte and help is highly appreciated.


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