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How to enable a field on the main shop (WooCommerce) page?

  • Hi all!

    I’m using ACF in the categories of my products as a banner (a picture and text, attached). How can I use ACF in the main WooCommerce shop page? I have no knowledge of coding btw!

    I’ve tried to copy the style of the categories banner and then to change the “rule” where the custom field should appear to “Show in pages as Shop”, whereas it’s “Show in taxonomies as Categories” in the categories. Then when editing the shop page, I can see the category banner box and upload a picture to it. However, it doesn’t appear on the page itself.

    Do you need the code for the category banner? If so, you’ll need to teach me how to get it lol! I’d like the same template to appear on the main shop page as in the categories.

    Thanks in advance!

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