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How to disable js alert in acf_form

  • How can I disable the js alert on an acf_form in the frontend.

    The alert occurs when you edit some fields and then decide to navigate away.

    Please see the attachment

  • Figured it out myself:

    	jQuery(window).off("beforeunload", null);
  • had same issue – your solution didn’t work for me, E’s solution did. So I just want you to know about it incase. I’m using ACF5Pro.

    I put this in as last script before /body. Though I suppose it only has to be below the ACF scripts. I’m using acf_form() w/o the form component to load a repeater field, and navigating away after changes to that field were causing that popup to appear. But no now. 🙂

    link for ref:

    (function($) {
      $(document).ready(function() {
        // disable the ACF js navigate away pop up = false;
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