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How to delete unused ACF field data?

  • I can’t find my original post, but it was previously confirmed to me that, if I delete an ACF field or group in the front-end, this would not remove from the database any data I have added, eg. to posts, terms etc.

    So, my question is this… how should I best remove them?

    My WordPress install is horrendously slow, backend and front. I do have 10,000+ posts and it’s possible I have harmed things by being a hack developer. One thing I know is, I have previously added ACF fields, stored data, and then deleted those fields from the front-end.

    I want to trim as much as possible.

    Now, I have run database optimisation plugins and deleted many thousands of orphan term relationships, for example.

    Is there anything unique about the data saved by ACF, or are they just plain WordPress records that should be seen and vanquished by database optimisation plugins?


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