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how to control woocommerce products using acf ?

  • hi,
    im new here and this is my first post, so i hope you can help me please
    i have created post for every product for example post for iphone 11 and it contain specs and also woocommerce products as you see here ( , the problem is that woocommerce shows all the products ! i wonder if there’s a way to control woocommerce categories using acf ? i have already used it to show the phone specs and pic and now i need to be able to select product category for every post…
    Thanks in advance

  • Selecting product categories is built into WC? Why do you want to do this with ACF? Please supply more details about what you are trying to do.

  • i didnt find other solution and i thought that it’s gonna be possible to control woocommerce products categories using acf , ( so to understande me more, i have created post template, in that post i have used acf to fulfil products specifications, but still couldn’t control what product to show (i have tried to select taxonomies but still it didn’t work)

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