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How to combine user and custom post type

  • Hi,

    I’ve made a custom post type ‘member’ that contains some fields like ‘company’ and a custom taxonomy. The member should be able to login, so for every member there is also a user. Within the member I have a relationfield to link the corresponding user.

    The frontend works okay, I’ve written functions that create, read and save values to the member and the corresponding user simultaniously. Nvertheless it feels a bit wrong to have two separate post types for one ‘account’ (wich is a member/user pair in my case).
    The other disadvantage of that solution is that I have to setup some redundant fields for the e-mail and the name because I also want to display these within the member post type.

    But I don’t want to place my custom fields directly to the user post type because:
    – there is no way to use taxonomies as I need it.
    – The fields are not layed out in the user post type as in other post types.
    – my customer shouldn’t see all the wordpress based user fields like color-scheme, user role and so on

    So my question is:
    Do you see ab better solution for my needs? Or is this the usual way?

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