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How to allow \"List View\" for adding images to a post

  • I’ve looked around quite extensively for this, but can find neither discussions, code snippets nor plugins which deal with this issue.

    Basically, when you’re on a post and want to either “insert media”, select “featured image” or upload an image (via Advanced Custom Fields), you cannot view the Gallery field on a post using the “list view”. Rather the only option appears to be the default “grid view”.

    Is there any way of allowing “list view” as an option? Or turning that into the default view?

  • Hi @ashkas

    This is a limitation of WordPress, not ACF.
    ACF uses the same built in image editor/modal as WordPress core so any features available (or not) in WP Cores modals (like when you’re setting featured image) will also apply to ACFs image, file and gallery field types.

    You’re probably better of looking for tickets regarding this here: or possibly create one yourself and see what response you get. 🙂

  • Thanks for the reply Jonathan, I suspected that was the case with this.

  • No problem!

    I’m actually surprised it’s not supported and find it kind of funny I’ve never even considered or noticed it. If you do find something or create a ticket to core it’d be great if you could post a link here so I can follow it. Might also help anyone looking for the same thing here on the forum 🙂

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