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How on earth do I get values from the frontend!?

  • I managed to add ‘acf-input’ to my script after googling the crap out of it. It’s NO WHERE in the docs that I should do this – at least it IMPOSSIBLE to find if it’s actually there and figure this out!

    And now, the API is completely useless when I try to actually GET A FIELDS VALUE from the frontend!?

    I’ve managed only to try this: acf.findField(‘transition_duration’).val();

    By wildly guessing from googling stuff (desperately grabbing for jQuery’s way of doing things).

    Could you pretty please, make the API more accessible – start with the basic: HOW TO “INSTALL” (in lack of a better word inthe context)?

    The docs lack a simple guide on how to make ACF work on the frontend using the API.

    You just throw an API in the face of people, leaving it completely up to them selves to figure out HOW to implement it.

    Sorry ’bout the rant, but bad docs are a constant source of frustration.


    I’m simply trying to read a value set in the admin on the front end … should be fairly simple. It’s not!

  • The ACF JS API is not for use on the front end. It is only for the admin when editing acf fields and not for displaying values of fields on the front end.

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