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How does create_field() work in filters?

  • Hello!

    I am slowly getting to know the Plugin and it works wonderfully. Following Elliot’s Tutorial ( I´ve even managed to set up filters for my custom post archives. But here I have one question:

    The default checkbox setup seems to be like in post edit forms. So all checkboxes load and those those options which were used in posts are checked. So, in order to filter something, I have to unselect some checkboxes. And selecting any unchecked checkboxes usually does not change the selection of posts, as those options were not used anyway.

    The checkboxes in the frontend are loaded by using the function
    create_field( $field )
    . I haven’t found much on this function, but do you have any idea if it is at all possible to achieve a “normal” filtering behaviour on the archive pages, i.e. only showing used options (but unchecked) and filtering posts by checking boxes?

    Any help in this is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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