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How do I access the JQuery object found in $field value

  • In an action like so: acf.add_action('select2_init', function( $input, args, settings, $field ) the $field value contains an object holding the current element and inside that object there is a key that looks like this:
    JQuery35100094061739408837222: {type: 'post_object', key: 'field_61d59682129cf', name: 'course_teaser_course', acf: n}

    I need to find the acf-key in there, but how do I get it, since I don’t know hash added after JQuery?

    I actually need the $[0].JQueryxxx.acf because I can’t seem to find a way to get the value from a dynamically filled Select-list (not select2).

    Any help?

  • I turned out I couldn’t use it anyway, so don’t bother this issue 😊
    I did manage to get the info I (thought I) was looking for by looping through the keys


    In case anyone would wonder.

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