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how add CF inside a original description?

  • sorry, my english could be bad.

    I’ve got a problem:
    i’ve installed this plugin and i’ve created 4 fields.
    I’ve created it because i need post a lot of article with the same layout and the same fields.
    My fields are:
    -description of the product (textbox)
    -color of the product
    I don’t use the original description textbox because there i put the product’s image.

    In the articles’ screen i’ve ordered all and i haven’t problem, but how can i show the descriptions of the products on the right of images inside at the home page? as if it were in the original description.

    Now in the home i see the box of the articles compounds with:
    image on the left, title on the right, *nothing*, the text ‘continue…’.

    i want remplace *nothing* with description of the product custom field.

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