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Hide repeater field entry with ACF checkbox

  • I’ve got a repeater field and have added a checkbox to allow site editors to check the box to say they want that particular repeater field entry/block to be hidden on the website.

    Then in my theme, I have this PHP code to add ‘display: none’ if the site editor checks the ‘hidden’ checkbox.

    <?php $checked = get_sub_field('hide'); if( $checked && in_array('Yes, hide.', $checked) ) { ?>style="display: none;"<?php } ?>

    This works fine and hides the content if they check the box. The problem is that the WordPress search results excerpts still display the ‘hidden’ content. I get why – because display: none, allows the content to still be in the page source.

    So – how would I go about removing a repeater field entry/bock from the page source if site editors check the box saying it should be hidden?

  • Normally, ACF field values are not included in the excerpt because the values are not added to post_content. You must be doing something else, some code or have another plugin that allows this to happen in the first place.

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