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Help me to make a simple search form with ACF…

  • Hello

    I have ACF PRO
    I make a website of vehicle
    For the moment i display all cars in my page (name : vehicles.php)

    But i want to make a “form” with to field : “Modele” and “Price” with a button submit “OK” to filter my vehicle
    This form must be present in all page of my website and the user can select for example a modele of vehicle and validate to view the list.

    Problem : I don’t understand how to do this

    Can you explain me with example how can i make this little form submit ?

    it is very urgent for me. Please help me.



  • Hi @jma

    This isn’t really an issue of ACF and something that is beyond what ACF does and should do.

    However I have written a plugin myself which is available for free on which does pretty much exactly what you want. It requires price and model to be taxonomies tho, not meta fields.

  • ok i resolve


  • Hi @jma

    Did you solve this? I can give you some help anyway if you like, but it’s not related to ACF 🙂

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