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Has anyone done any work around theming the ACF admin?

  • We use ACF for pretty much everything now. I don’t remember the last time I didn’t install it.

    The issue I am running into is the “blandness” of the admin, makes it hard to know where you are, if there are a lot of fields.

    If there are just a couple settings, its perfect, but if there is a large repeater that has 4-5 sub fields, then it gets pretty tough to know where you are, what row your in or whatever.

    Figured I would post the question before investing the time in it myself.


  • Hi @ravenna

    Great to hear that you enjoy ACF.. I’ve been using it myself in pretty much every project since a few years back.

    I have not heard of anyone attempting to create custom theming for ACF. However I do know that in the next bigger update there will be UI improvements such as better collapsible options etc. for repeaters and flexible fields. There will also be the ability to set a specific field in a repeater/flexible as a “label” for the collapsed row.

    These are features currently being beta tested by the github community so it should not be long before it arrives 🙂

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