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Gutenberg performance with ACF vs previous approach

  • It’s my understanding that ACF stores the field data as a json object within the post_content column. The previous approach was for ACF to create a lot of postmeta to store the data.

    Observations are that this has improved performance on newer sites we’ve been building, but it’s hard to know for sure if this is accurate until a lot of content has been built up over time, which is normally when performance of ACF starts to suffer.

    Is it accurate to say that all ACF content in Gutenberg is stored as json inside the post_content field and therefore makes the front end query much more efficient than it used to be, since it only requires the post_content field?

    We have some legacy projects and require some evidence to back why time might need to be dedicated to migrating from the old ACF fields to the new Gutenberg method.

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