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Gutenberg Breaks Tags in Block's WYSIWYG Field Display

  • I have a fairly simple block with two fields, one of with is a WYSIWYG field for a headline superimposed over a Vimeo. The headline just needs to be able to display text with the strong tag.

    The text displays properly in the block editor and the edit preview (see below). The block (for the most part) properly renders on the page except for the WYSIWYG text field, which is just printed to the page in a very vanilla manner:

    print get_field('hero_image_text') . "\r\n";

    But instead of just printing the contents of the field, it appears that autop is applied so the source ends up looking like this:

    <p><strong>Invention has the power< /strong> to </strong><strong>improve lives< /strong></strong></p>

    instead of the contents of the field:

    <strong>Invention has the power</strong> to <strong>improve lives</strong>

    Did I miss a step somewhere?

    Using WP 5.2.4

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