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Grouping posts by date from date / time picker field?

  • Hi- i’ve got a custom post type called ‘events’ with a datepicker field called ‘start_time’ – I’ve got the archive template ordering them by this field using pre_get_posts, however- the event in question runs over 2 days and i’m wondering if it’s possible to separate the results into the individual days?
    I’ve tried several approaches with no success- it occurs to me that i need to get the query to return the contents of the start_time field’s date as an array, then loop through it as a foreach query maybe? but i’m out of ideas as to how..
    i tried this which managed to get the dates and return them as text, but the fetching the template part just seems to return arbitrary events

    $events = get_posts(array(
                    'post_type' => 'events',
                    'meta_key'  => 'start_time',
                    'orderby'   => 'meta_value_num',
                    'order'     => 'DESC'
                $group_events = array();
                if( $events ) {
                    foreach( $events as $event ) {
                        $date = get_field('start_time', $event->ID, false);
                        $date = new DateTime($date);
                        $year = $date->format('Y');
                        $month = $date->format('F');
                        $day = $date->format('d');
                        $group_events[$year][$month][$day][] = array($event, $date);
                foreach ($group_events as $yearKey => $years) {
                    foreach ($years as $monthKey => $months) {
                        foreach ($months as $dayKey => $days) {
                        foreach ($days as $eventKey => $events) {
                            echo $events[1]->format('d-m-Y');
                            echo '<br>';
                            echo '<br>';
  • Move your second foreach block inside of the if( $events ) { block and move the wp_reset_postdata(); statement to the last statement of the if( $events ) { block.

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