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  • Hello. I love using ACF. I’ve also been enjoying using it for Gutenberg. However I am having some usability issues.

    Basically, it would be great to be able to have a “group” block with some extra custom fields of my own. That way in the content editor area I can add heading, paragraphs, images etc. All the usual things you can with a gutenberg group block. But then on the right where the block options are, I could then display my own extra options. For example you could also have a couple of drop downs. You would set these as custom fields.

    The objective being that you can add in the text as needed but use AFC to create some extra fields that you call on in your block php template to determine how to present the block etc.

    The thing that I am finding very frustrating is say I want a custom bio block. I have name, title, about and image field. This is working but have the bio (which uses WSYIWYG editor) is finicky to use in the sidebar area. Ideally I’d like to be able to edit the bio text in the content area and not the right side block options.

    Is this currently available and I am just not aware? Or is this something in the works for the future?

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