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Google Map not displaying on WP backend

  • Any news on that issue? The backend Google map still isn’t working, and we need this function for a client project. And yes of course the code is correct and the API keys is correct and all APIs are activated etc. It’s a bug in ACF!

  • I am still having the same issue in the version ACF Pro 5.8.9 with Google Maps. I am attaching a gif to show you and the code error from Google Maps API is: js?key=dce_api_gmaps&ver=5.4:54 Google Maps JavaScript API error: InvalidKeyMapError
    Hope you can help me with that.

  • Me too. Please update this documentation.

  • Is there any update on this? I have tried all of the above and still get the map greyed out in the back end.

  • For me, I have to add my WordPress backend edit page url to the API allowed list in Google Cloud Platform, then the map appear in my WordPress backend.

  • I’ve found a quick and easy way around this, for anyone experiencing the same issue and in need of a quick solution.

    Go into the backend page for adding/editing map locations. Use your browser’s inspect element tool to find two hidden input fields, one for latitude, one for longitude. They are in a div called “acf-hidden” and will be called “input-lat” and “input-lng”.
    Manually input your lat/long in there (in the value attribute) and submit the form, this will update the maps location without the need for maps to load in the backend.

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