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Giving users ability to filter which field to display

  • Hi, here is what i’m trying to achieve and thinking about. I have a cpt. each cpt has 3 fields. each one of these fields has the possibility to have multiple values (only one can be displayed in front).
    Then I have an archive page of that cpt, with filters (checkbox list). but the filters don’t filter the cpt itself, it filters the different values on each cpt and each field in it (so always all cpt posts are displayed).
    So when I create a single cpt, first i’m adding the default values. then i’m adding the additional values with conditions (conditions would be the same as the filters).

    Same explanation as an example:
    I have a cpt called ‘steps’ that has 3 text fields- ‘title’, ‘description’ and ‘instructions’. I’m adding values to these fields in a single ‘step’.
    and I know that I have a checkbox list of conditions in the archive page. so in addition I add another value to the ‘instructions’ field, with the conditions if ‘hot’ and ‘electric’.
    in the archive page the user check in the filters specific conditions, like ‘hot’ and ‘electric’. if he checks these list items, he will see only the ‘instruction’ value with the same conditions.

    Hope it’s clear enough

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