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get_field doesn’t work for tags

  • I have created a field group which is set to be visible for Taxonomy if it’s equal to Tag (post_tag). I can see the field with it’s default value when editing tag but I can’t get that value in my code. I always get it returned as null.

    How I’m trying this field value:

    $term = get_queried_object();
    $field_value = get_field('tag_', $term->term_id, 'about_schema');

    I tried var_dump($term) and it returns me this:
    object(WP_Term)#8411 (10) { ["term_id"]=> int(7346) ["name"]=> string(13) "Hedera (HBAR)" ["slug"]=> string(11) "hedera-hbar" ["term_group"]=> int(0) ["term_taxonomy_id"]=> int(7346) ["taxonomy"]=> string(8) "post_tag" ["description"]=> string(0) "" ["parent"]=> int(0) ["count"]=> int(12) ["filter"]=> string(3) "raw" }

    In this var_dump I can’t see the values added from ACF field.

    What I’m doing wrong here?

    $field_value = get_field('tag_', $term->term_id, 'about_schema');

    Argument 1: $field name = “tag_”: is this the field name?

    Argument 2: $post_id: In this case use either $term or 'term_'.$term->term_id

    Argument 3: $format: should be true or false, any non empty value will evaluate to true.

  • Name of the field is about_schema.

    So you are saying that those two lines should look like this?

        $term = get_queried_object();
        $field_value = get_field('about_schema', $term, true);

    I tested it but the result is still null.

  • Third argument is optional, default value is true, but yes.

    If get_queried_object() is returning a term and the term returned has a value for the field “about_schema” then there is no reason it should not be working.

    Is your field nested in a repeater, or group field?

    Double check your field name. Double check that the field has a value.

    Check to make sure your field name is not colliding with something else, another input field either in ACF or another plugin that might be adding fields to terms.

  • My field is a group field. I created the new unique name that it couldn’t match any other name. I copied that fields name to my code. For that field I set the default value. Still nothing.

  • A group field has sub fields. Is about_schema the group field name or is that one of the sub fields?

    … looking back at OP, you said

    In this var_dump I can’t see the values added from ACF field.

    values for ACF fields are not added to the Term object.

    $field_value = get_field('about_schema', $term, true);

    The value of the field will be in $field_value

  • Here’s the photo of the inside of that field group.

  • A “Field Group” and a “Group Field” are different things. A field group holds all the fields. A group field is a type of field that is used for display purposes to group a set of sub fields together.

    If the fiels has a value then there is not reason that it should not be working

    $field_value = get_field('about_schema', $term, true);
    echo $field_value;
  • I don’t know what happened here but it works now. Out of nowhere. I just copied your line for some reason, refreshed the website and it’s finally here. Thank you for your time!

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