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Get max value from two arrays inside two ACF nested repeaters

  • I want to build a function that will echo/display the highest (max) value from two different arrays (repeater fields). The difficulty of the task lies into a specific construction of my repeaters / fields which looks as follows:

    +Main repeater (called ‘sales’)


    ++Nested repeater (called ‘different_regions’)

    +++ sub_field(‘percentage_off’)

    All of the subfields are text one, in which a user inputs numbers. So at the end I would like to display a single value which would the highest among those two fields/arrays. I have the following code:

            $groupA = array();
            $groupB = array();
            if( have_rows('sales') ):
                while( have_rows('sales') ) : the_row();
                        $groupA[] = get_sub_field('all_regions_percentage_off');
                        if( have_rows('different_regions') ):
                            while( have_rows('different_regions') ) : the_row();
                            $groupB = array_push($groupA, get_sub_field('percentage_off'));
                        echo '<pre>'.print_r($groupB).'</pre>';
            else : echo 'Nothing here, sorry';

    But it doesn’t work and I have no idea why. Plus if the repeater has more than 1 row, the loop displays multiple outputs. Obviously it might be a thing of adding an counter like:

       $i = 0; // before first while of the main repeater
        if(!$i++) { code here } // as a wrapping element for the first subfield and the entire nested repeater

    But again the main issue is in a different place = showing a single value that will be a MAX from both fields (all_regions_percentage_off and percentage_off).

    Thanks for any tips and suggestions.

  • I think one of your problems is that you are using strings (text fields) to store numbers, but I’m not sure because you didn’t display the code that is outputting the max value.

    I would likely to something like this

    $max = 0;
    if (have_rows('sales') {
      while (have_rows('sales')) {
        $value = intval(get_sub_field('all_regions_percentage_off'));
        if ($value > $max) {
          $max = $value;
        if (have_rows('different_regions')) {
          while (have_rows('different_regions')) {
            $value = intval(get_sub_field('percentage_off'));
            if ($value > $max) {
              $max = $value;
    echo $value;
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