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Get Field Group values(?) from Choices

  • Hi, very new to ACF and I’m trying to get the values (i think) of the field group choices.

    I have the choices:

    example-student : Student
    example-teacher : Teacher
    example-principal : Principal

    I want to get the second value of these choices (Student, Teacher, Principal) instead of the first.

    I’ve tried a number of things looking at the get_field documentation but I can’t seem to get what I need.

    Here’s my code:

    $people= get_field('people');
       if (is_array($people) && count($people))
          print('<h5>More information for...</h5>' . "\n" . '<ul>' . "\n");
          foreach ($people as $slug) 
             print('   <li><a href="/' . $slug . '/" class="audience ' . $slug . '">' . 
                              ucwords(str_replace('-',' ', $slug)) . '</a></li>' . "\n");
          print('</ul>' . "\n");

    This will get me a list of links with Example Student.. etc. instead of just Student .. etc.


  • $field['choices']

    gives me:

    Array ( [example-student] => Student
    [example-teacher]] => Teacher
    [example-principal] => Principal



    $label = $field['choices'][ $value ];

    throws an exception and breaks the site

  • Was able to figure this out:

    $choice_field= get_field('my_field_name');

    Gives me what i need,

  • $field = get_field_object('your_field_name');

    is the field variable, forgot this.

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