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Gallery field: bulk delete and bulk edit images

  • Something that would be awesome – the ability to bulk delete images from the ACF gallery field. I currently have a site where some galleries have 80+ images, and the client wanted to change ALL of them (I know, crazy) so I had to individually click the delete icon on each image.

    We’re also using media categories on this site and it would be great to be able to bulk edit the meta info. I imagine a checkbox function would work for both of these requests.

  • Panmac, I’m right there with you on this one. I’m looking into this right now if I find an answer (or if you have?) I’ll post back.

  • panmac, I just resolved this using the Media Library Assistant (MLA) in conjunction with Advanced Custom Fields. Here’s how I did it:

    1. I installed MLA:
    2. I installed ACF
    3. I created a set of fields specifically geared to my media library, same way as you’d create them for any post (media library items are posts too! :D)
    4. I attached the fields to the media library using the following ACF Location Rule (you’ll find this when you’re creating fields, under the field creation area):

      Show this field group if: Attachment | is equal to | All

    5. I added my custom fields to the MLA using the custom fields tab in Settings > Media Library Assistant. See this link.
  • What if the field is a relationship field? Let’s say I’ve uploaded a photo and want to relate it to an event (custom post type) and an artist (CPT)

    I can set this in ACF so I go into a photo, edit it, and the ACF relationship boxes are there

    However I can’t get them to show for bulk edits. Any guidance for this?


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