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Future date issue

  • I have a job blog with over 5000 posts already.
    Since 80% of the job openings we have on our sites expires 15 days after it get published, is it possible to come up with custom value of “ValidThrough” field set to 15 days in future from the post published date?

    The custom value will generate automatically and populate across all job posts.

    What i mean is this:

    If a post is published on 1st May 2018, The ValidThrough value should be 15th May 2018. If i publish a post today being 9th Feb 2020, the ValidThrough will automatically read (9th + 15th) 24th Feb 2020.

    i want to create a custom filed name Vaildthrough that will assign a future date of 15 days from the date the job was publish on the site.

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