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Frontend repeater filter

  • Hello,

    Maybe someone could help me and lead me to the way how to make it 🙂

    I have nested repeaters.
    1. First repeater is item selection box.
    2. Second repeater (inside first) is selection of city (selectbox).
    3. Third repeater (inside second one) is selection of the date (datepicker).

    I want to put the filters (in selectbox) in front-end, that users could filter info. I want to filter all the info by city and date.

    First repeater is visible always.
    Second repeater contains all the cities.
    Third repeater contains all the dates attached to the city.

    What is the best practice to make it?

    Also how can i get ALL unique dates from datepicker for my filter selectbox? I mean i need to get unique dates (used at least one time) without duplicates.

    Thanks for any help

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