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Front end form that updates a post and creates new post

  • We have people inputting information on the back end and others that update posts only on the front through a front end form. Someone on the back end doesn’t know if a contributor on the front is editing a particular post and vice-versa. I want to have a safety net on both ends in case the information gets overwritten. Is there a way to update a post and simultaneously create a new post of a different post type?

  • I don’t think that you can do this AND get ACF to save all of the fields to both the current post and the new post. You could use an acf/save_post filter and just create the new post, by I don’t know how you’d get ACF to save values.

    I would probably look into checking/setting post locking so that multiple people cannot edit at the same time. I don’t know what’s involved or how to do it. All I can do is point you to this

  • Thanks John, I use this but I think post locking can only be done on the back end.

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