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Front end form – save as draft or publish

  • Hi guys
    I have a front end form for users to add new products.
    Each product is saved as “pending review” so that admin needs to approve it.

    I would like to offer users to save this as “draft” so they can later come back and finish the process.

    Does anyone has an idea how I could do this?
    The easiest user experience would be to add a new button next to submit.

    Thank you for your help.

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  • I have the same kind of issue right now but, have you thought about editing product after it’s published?

    My problem is, when the user want to make modifications then need approval, the post get back to draft so it’s unpublished meanwhile you have to approve the modifications.

    So i’m thinking of making a system of duplication for each post. So when the user wants to send modification for approval, the post is still published (the version before modifications).

    But i’m not sure how to do it yet.

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