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Front-end form and publish date

  • Hi there !

    I’ve just bought ACF Pro and I want to use it for front-end posting and editing. Everything works as expected and I’m really happy with this amazing plugin.

    The only issue I encouter is with the publish date. Each time a post is edited on frontend, the publish date is also updated.

    Is there a way to prevent the publish date to be updated at each post editing ?

    Thanks a lot for your help! I hope I’m understandable despite of my poor english.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi @kearsan

    I’m afraid I couldn’t reproduce this issue on my end. Do you have a custom function to handle the form? Could you please try to reproduce the issue on one of the WordPress’ stock themes (like Twenty Fifteen) with other plugins deactivated? If it disappears, then you can activate the theme and plugins one by one to see which one causes the issue.

    Also, could you please share the PHP file where you show the ACF form?


  • EDIT : Sorry for wasting your time James !

    By explaining the issue I’ve found my error. I was using wp_insert_post instead of wp_update_post so every basic meta like publish date was updated too.

    Thanks a lot for your answer !

    Kind regards,

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