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front end form?

  • I am trying to create a form to display to users on a wordpress site. I have very limited programming knowledge. I have created he form with the plugin, exported the .xml file, installed WP import plugin, and imported my .xml file as directed.
    I am not sure what to do next to view the form I created on my website.

    This help guide is a bit too advanced for me:

    Is there a step-by-step guide for newbies?

  • Either you can create using export to php code and use that code into page in your theme.
    or just create custom field groups in the back-end itself.

    You can get idea from here, and also read more about acf_form($args).

    Take a custom field id and pass it to acf_form() function.

    Here is an example

    $args = array('post_id' => 'new_listing',
    	      'field_groups' => array('custom field group id'),
    	      'submit_value' => __('Submit','your theme name'));
    acf_form( $args );
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